General Agreement

Subject of Agreement

This agreement is valid between PT. Media Cloud Indonesia, hereinafter referred to as Media Cloud, and the service user of Media Cloud, whether a legal entity or an individual who places an order for services and/or utilizes Media Cloud's services, hereinafter referred to as the Customer. The Customer is deemed to have met the requirements for accepting this agreement. If the Customer represents another party, that party is also considered to have accepted this agreement.

Validity of Agreement

This agreement comes into effect when the Customer places an order for services with PT. Media Cloud Indonesia until the Customer terminates the subscription to Media Cloud's services. The validity of this agreement does not exempt the legal entity or individual who was once a Customer from the consequences of using Media Cloud's services in violation of regulations and laws in the Republic of Indonesia.

Service Agreement

Regarding the use of PT. Media Cloud Indonesia's services, the Customer is deemed to have read and agreed to the Service Agreement corresponding to the service used, as follows:

  • Hosting Service Agreement
  • Domain Service Agreement
  • Privacy Protection Service Agreement
  • VPS Service Agreement

Service Policy

Regarding the use of PT. Media Cloud Indonesia's services, the Customer is deemed to have read and agreed to the Service Policy as follows:

  • Billing Policy
  • General Agreement
  • Service Usage Policy

Rights and Obligations of the Customer

  1. The Customer has the right to receive Customer Support to assist with the use of PT. Media Cloud Indonesia's services. The forms of communication used for Customer Support are:

    • Chat through Media Cloud's live chat
    • Trouble ticket system
    • Email
    • Whatsapp messaging
  2. The Customer has the right to access the Customer Portal, which is a web page containing information about the services used by the Customer, subscription periods, invoices, and other related information.

  3. The Customer must adhere to the regulations and laws applicable in Indonesia.

  4. The Customer must adhere to the industry standards related to Media Cloud's services, such as ICANN, IANA, APNIC, PANDI regulations, and others.

  5. The Customer must keep their Customer Data up to date with the latest and valid information. Media Cloud is not responsible for disruptions in Media Cloud's services used by the Customer due to invalid Customer Data.

    • Email address
    • Full name
    • Address
    • Postal code
    • City
    • Province
    • Phone number
    • Mobile number

Customer Support

  1. Customer Support is the action taken by Media Cloud to assist the Customer when facing difficulties with Media Cloud's services used by the Customer.

  2. The Customer Support provided by Media Cloud is limited as follows:

    • Customer Support regarding the Customer's difficulties in using Media Cloud's services.
    • Customer Support for technical issues on Media Cloud's side causing service disruptions.
  3. Media Cloud's Customer Support does not cover the following:

  4. Service disruptions caused by third parties, including but not limited to disruptions on the ISP used by the Customer.

    1. Service disruptions due to the Customer's errors, such as:

      • Incorrect, suboptimal, or insecure Customer scripting resulting in the inability to access or properly function Media Cloud's services. Media Cloud will explicitly reject Customer Support requests to correct the above.
      • Confidential information leaks on the Customer's side, including login information leaks.
      • Infiltration of the Customer's website, intentionally or unintentionally, with prohibited content according to the Usage Policy.
  5. Customer Support actions for services that can be performed by the Customer themselves or by referencing guidelines on how to perform those actions on the services used.

  6. Media Cloud has the right to unilaterally impose additional charges for specific Customer Support services that are beyond the scope and limits set.

Amendments to the Agreement

Media Cloud has the right to unilaterally change the content of this agreement without prior notice. The Customer agrees to any unilateral changes made by Media Cloud to the content of this agreement.

Violation and Sanctions

In case of a violation of this Agreement, including violations of the Service Agreement and Service Policy by the Customer, Media Cloud has the right to terminate services, whether permanently or temporarily, without any obligation to compensate the Customer for material or immaterial losses resulting from the termination of services.


The Customer or any other party cannot claim compensation for losses related to the use of Media Cloud's services by the Customer. Media Cloud is not responsible for any legal violations committed by the Customer using Media Cloud's services.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes that arise will be resolved through consensus and discussion.