Privacy Policy

PT. Media Cloud Indonesia is committed to protecting the personal/company data of customers. By using our services, you are deemed to have agreed to this Privacy Policy.

Types of Recorded Data

PT. Media Cloud Indonesia records data related to customers through the following methods:

  • Automatic data recording methods, including but not limited to communication protocols, IP addresses, cookies, and others
  • Online and offline registrations
  • Email correspondence
  • Financial transactions
  • Online and offline communications
  • Information sources from third parties

Data Usage

The above-mentioned types of data are used by PT. Media Cloud Indonesia for the following purposes:

  • Communicating for service provision
  • Accountability for service provision to both the respective customers and law enforcement agencies
  • Billing for the services used by customers
  • Recognition as one of the intangible assets
  • Publication for promotional purposes
  • Inclusion in WHOIS Domain data

Data Security

PT. Media Cloud Indonesia endeavours to protect the personal/company data of customers from unauthorized parties obtaining such data unless required for the purposes mentioned in Data Usage.

Data Confidentiality Limitations

The data is considered non-confidential, and PT. Media Cloud Indonesia is released from the obligation to protect it if the data has become part of the public domain and is generally known as a result of policies by authorized parties to publish it, such as in WHOIS domain and others.

Single Sign-On via OAuth Facebook, Google, and Twitter

To facilitate user login and enhance account security, Media Cloud provides Single Sign-On facilities through the OAuth protocol for Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts of customers. If customers use Single Sign-On facilities through the OAuth protocol for Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts, they are considered to agree to provide their email and name data taken from those accounts to Media Cloud. The name and email data obtained by Media Cloud from these Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts are used to streamline the process of registering a new account. Customers can request the deletion of data obtained by Media Cloud from their Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts by:

  • For active users, they will be asked to change their primary email in their account through ClientZone and change their name if necessary.
  • For inactive users, they can send an email to using the registered email to request the deletion of the account along with all the data in it. However, Media Cloud must comply with applicable legal regulations if there are any regulations regarding customer data deletion.

Please note that this is a hypothetical revision, and if you have any specific requirements or legal concerns regarding privacy policies, it is essential to consult with legal experts and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.